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The Frigorifíco Rio Maria, establishes control in all stages from the industrialization of the product to its delivery to the consumer. We always seek the loyalty and satisfaction of our customers through products and processes with assured quality standards. The quality control methods during the production process, packaging, storage, and product shipment are developed and monitored by the QUALITY GUARANTEE, with specific programs such as Translated with (free version)

  • GMP - Good Manufacturing Practices. This program controls, together with the analysis of the final product, the water, the cross contaminations, the plagues, the hygiene and behavior of the handlers, the hygiene of the surfaces, the flow of the process, among other items, giving more quality guarantees to the products.

  • HACP - Hazard Analysis and Critical Points. This system makes it possible to locate hazards (biological, chemical, and physical) that may occur in the production line of a particular food product.

  • CCP - Critical Control Points. System that controls the critical points statistically during production. A dynamic system, and when applied correctly, it guarantees a food produced without the hazards considered.

  • SOHP - Standard Operating Hygiene Procedure. The program aims to sanitize every area in the plant where food is handled. It must be done as often as possible, before, during and after production, to keep the place and surfaces where the food will be handled at acceptable microbiological levels.

Microbiological analysis

Microbiological analyses are done fortnightly to identify probable flaws in the manufacturing process, and corrective actions can be taken according to the results.

Humane slaughter

The stress suffered by the animal is a factor that influences the final quality of the meat. Preventive measures are adopted following the HUMANITARY SLAUGHTERING norms, so that the agitation is reduced to a minimum and the animals do not die an agonizing death. The transport of animals in trucks with separation by lots and in stalls avoids overcrowding. Water baths for stress relief, touching the animals through flags, without screaming and electric current, and stunning using a pneumatic gun, exempting the animal from any suffering in the slaughter process;

Integrated Pest Control

Program that aims to monitor and control all proliferation and manifestation of existing pests in the animal. The system is done through a trained and equipped employee, generating records and controlling the incidence.