Rio Maria - PA
Canaã dos Carajás - PA

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The Frigorífico Rio Maria is certified to export Beef and offal "in natura" to Egypt, Arab Emirates, Hong Kong , Venezuela, Peru and all the countries on the General List. Our goal is, mainly, to export Quality, meeting the sanitary requirements of the most rigorous markets and adapting to the needs and cultures of each country, such as Halal slaughter.

After being very successful in the national market, the brand Frigorífico Rio Maria has gone beyond the borders of Brazil and has conquered new clients abroad due to its quality, seriousness, and commitment to the export process, which starts from the negotiation and extends through production and logistics, all the way to the final client.

We have the privilege of being located in the state of Pará, an area free of foot-and-mouth disease with vaccination, where there are the best pastures and climatic conditions for raising cattle outdoors (green cattle).

The Frigorífico Rio Maria is rigorous in the selection of its animals, as well as in its production process (storage and temperature), which guarantees its customers a final product of the highest quality.