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Vaccination and Diseases

Cattle Purchase

Proper restraint during the vaccination procedure reduces the frequency of aversive responses of animals to human action, bringing multiple benefits, among which the reduction of stress (for animals and humans) and the lower probability of accidents with animals and workers, resulting in a significant improvement in the quality of work and meat.

Aftosa: (Mandatory Vaccine)

  • Etiologic Agent: virus strains being: A, 0, C, the most common.
  • Symptomatology: Aphtha (sores) in the mouth, intense salivation and chilblains.
  • Prophylaxis: Vaccinate animals over four months of age according to the official campaign in March and September.

Brucellosis: (Vaccine required)

  • Etiologic Agent: Brucella Abortus (bacteria).
  • Symptomatology: See infectious diseases of reproduction.
  • Prophylaxis: Vaccinate calves between 4 and 8 months of age. The animals are marked with a "V" on the face using a hot iron according to the legislation. 

Symptomatic Carbuncle and Gas Gangrene: (Vaccine required)

  • Etiologic Agent: Carb. Symptomatic: Clostridium hauvoei; Gas gangrene: Clostridium septicum (bacteria).
  • Symptomatology: Mango plague, inflammation of the muscles, especially the hind limbs, commonly attacking between 4 and 12 months of age.
  • Prophylaxis: Vaccination (polyvalent vaccine) at 4 months of age, with reinforcement at 8 months at weaning. 

Carbuncle hematicus

  • Etiologic Agent: Bacillus anthracis (bacteria).
  • Symptomatology: Bleeding at natural openings.
  • Prophylaxis: Vaccinate the entire herd in the regions of incidence, once a year.


  • Etiologic Agent: Neurotropic Virus (Bastonet).
  • Symptomatology: Enzootic paralysis of the hind train.
  • Prophylaxis: Vaccinate the entire herd in regions of incidence of the hematophagous bat, once a year starting at 4 months of age.

Paratyphoid (Pneumocenteritis)

  • Etiologic Agent: Salmonella Dublin (bacteria).
  • Symptomatology: Severe diarrhea (grayish yellow color) fever and weight loss.
  • Prophylaxis: Vaccinate the cow in the 8th month of gestation and the calf at 15 days of age.