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The Frigorífico Rio Maria concerned with Sustainability in the Amazon and in tune with all environmental laws in effect, maintains strict control of its cattle suppliers to ensure that every animal acquired comes from farms that meet environmental requirements. For this Frigorifico Rio Maria has a partner company that is specialized in the environment and in monitoring the vegetation cover images of the farms. Every day, this company monitors all the farms that are being negotiated for the purchase of cattle and only after this rigorous analysis is that the negotiation can proceed through the purchasing sector.

Below are some points from the analysis:

  • Consultation on the Ibama site (Declaration of Nada Consta of the property)
  • Consult the Ministry of Labor's system and ita the InPacto Institute to certify that the cattle raiser is not involved with labor analogous to slavery.
  • Consults farm polygon to certify that there has been no deforestation since 2008. The CAR area is compared with the PRODES files provided by INPE. The area is also confronted with the monthly DETERINPE files.
  • Query whether the farm's polygon is not within indigenous lands.
  • Consult the SEMAS system to make sure that there is no embargo.

The Frigorífico Rio Mariawill always follow through with its commitment to buying cattle, as well as maintaining the best quality standard in beef.

The joint work that Rio Maria develops with Amigos da Terra — Amazônia Brasileira is aligned with the actions adopted by the company and reflects our commitment to environmental conservation, working exclusively with suppliers whose properties are free of deforestation.

The Frigorifico Rio Maria is committed to buying cattle from farms that have not deforested, according to Prodes. In addition, we have already been implementing the requirements of the Conduct Adjustment Term (TAC da Carne) signed with the MPF for years. The purchase control and deforestation monitoring systems are verified annually by independent audits, in accordance with this commitment. Points for improvement are identified in the audit reports and can be made available to customers.